Ubisoft CEO Says Xbox One X Will Help Industry Grow



Xbox One X is this year’s highlight in the gaming industry and it seems that CEO of Ubisoft believes that it is a true game changer. The $500 console which is marketed as a premium “native 4k” console comes out in November and will bring a true 4k experience to couch gaming.

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, talked to GameSpot about how Assassin’s Creed: Origins is really taking full advantage of the advanced capabilities of the console and how it will be a revolutionary endeavour for console gaming.

“We did a deal with Microsoft on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which is taking really good advantage of the power of the machine, We like very much what they are doing because instead of having a Kinect or something this time the industry went after more power for the machine, so more immersion, better AI, and overall better games. We like that because it means the industry will grow because the better the experiences, the more people want to have it. We think it has a good potential. If Microsoft is really behind it, it can do well.”

The Xbox One X will be launched worldwide on November 7 and it will be priced at $500, a price point is much criticised by analysts and is expected to hinder sales for the company. The price of the console limits its audience and hence decreases potential buyers who would rather look towards the $100 cheaper PS4 Pro (although it uses checkerboard rendering for upscaled 4k).

The Xbox One X will be live at Gamescom 2017 in Germany later this year so attendees will get a chance to test it out there first. The pre orders for the console will be available in a bit as the release date draws near. Keep checking back for more news on the One X and everything Microsoft!