TWD Cast Earns Way Less Than The GOT Cast

game of thrones

Game of Thrones (GOT) and the Walking Dead (TWD) are two of the biggest TV shows today’s ,their ratings are literally, shoulder to shoulder. But there is a gap between them and it is a monetary gap; with the Walking Dead cast earning far less from their Game Of Thrones counterparts

Recently, the actor who plays Rick Grimes in TWD Andrew Lincoln has signed a new contract which, as per The Hollywood Reporter, states that he is to earn $560,000 for the next two years. And his co-star, Norman Reedus who plays the role of Daryl Dixon is stated to earn $550,000 which is not bad at all.

These figures may seem big to us but once we compare it with the actors of GOT then you will no longer call these figures big. Do you want to know how much GOT’s “Big Five” earn per episode?? Bedazzled by the figure below:

$1.1 MILLION!!

Yes, you read it right. $1.1 million.

Oh and to lighten it up, movie legends such as Robert De Niro are going to transit to the television now and De Niro is likely to make upto $750,000 for 20 episodes of his new TV show on Amazon and Meryl Streep will make around $825,000 for The Nix which she signed up for, recently.