Tom Hardy’s Venom Makes It’s Way To Asia

Tom Hardy


Production on Venom has already started, and it has the potential to be a great addition to the Sony-Marvel franchise. The production team wants to make the film a success and would make sure that even the minuscule details are dealt thoroughly. That’s why the Marvel team has decided to go to Asia with its Venom franchise.

While the reason for the Venom going to Asia is still unknown there are many speculations running in the market. Christopher M who is the writer for IGN and Omega Underground regarding the issue through his twitter account said that “#Venom will spend sometime in Asia (casting villagers without modern haircuts) but’s unclear if scenes/film are set in modern times.”

The fans have also provided numerous theories on the team’s departure to Asia. Some feel that Eddie Brock’s journalism endeavors will take him there while others believe that this might be related to the arrival and origin of the Venom symbiote to Earth. Maybe, the symbiote initially landed in Asia and then made its way to Eddie.

For me the selection of Tom Hardy Aka Venom (Eddie Brock) was a great initiative. Tom Hardy’s robustness and seriousness makes him a great fit for the type of project that Sony is trying to go ahead with. Sony like Logan is expected to make an R rated version of the film. Seeing the brutality and violent nature of the Venom this will go well with theme.

We also believe that Sony does a much better job when it comes to portraying anti heroes or super villains. The idea could work if Sony decided to make a team of villains and anti heroes that might be parallel to the Avengers. Recently Disney has added too much humor and fun in its super hero films. Thor, the God of Thunder seemed  more like a God of Comedy in his recent sequel. Sony can thus take advantage of this and clearly showcase what it means to be a classic super hero.