Production For The Tom Hardy Starrer Venom Has Started

Tom Hardy


Sony has adopted quite a unique and astounding when it comes to making comic book movies. While most entertainment companies keep the super heroes as the focal of attention, Sony has done otherwise. After Deadpool’s overwhelming popularity, Sony felt that the conventional way of making these films was not the way to go forward. It decided to take risks and delve into an explored territory. An avenue comprising of support characters, anti-heroes and supervillains.

Sony has begun production on the much-awaited Venom film featuring Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy through his Twitter account posted a photo depicting two others on the first day of Venom’s production. Venom has quite a high reputation in the comics and is quit a brutal and savage character.

We saw Venom first on the big screen in Toby Mcguire’s Spider Man 3. But many fans were left disappointed as the studio failed to depict the character’s brutality on the big screen. Plus the screen was shared by three other villains giving Venom less time on screen.

Now with the Venom movie underway, fans can get a full insight on the origin and nature of the character. Sony in the past has had success with R rated movies. Deadpool as mentioned above went big in the box office. Wolverine’s R rated version showed the true nature of Logan on the big screen. Venom is expected to be no different. The movie will be rated R and would be something that fans would want.

Sony’s approach of creating a anti-hero movie universe will effectively compliment Marvel’s cinematic universe. But at the same time would pose further challenges for Disney. Disney’s sweet and soft approach is often criticized and if Fox successfully manages to create a brutal opposite universe of villains it could be something that Sony would not want.

Venom is all set to be released on 5th October 2018.