Tom Clancy’s The Division Teases The Introduction Of New Faction

The Division Survival

Although Tom Clancy’s The Division developers and workers are currently involved in fixing the game, the developers still have a lot more to offer to the avid users of the game as the upcoming DLC called Survival is all set to contain a new faction with an extraordinary group featuring heavy bold armors

According to iTech post, the expansion of Tom Clancy’s The Division were postponed due to the developer’s interest in resolving the issues of the game first. Deemed as ‘Hunter’, the new faction has fans finally relieved and contented with the developers after much frustration due to the delay of Survival and Last Stand DLCs.  The users will be definitely delighted over this progression and a much needed lift. The latest faction was revealed at the PAX West event and only a few minor details were revealed once the concept art was revealed before everybody.  Nothing concrete was revealed regarding the actual features leaving users and fans globally to speculate among themselves. Fans of the game believe that the Hunters would be primarily heavy armored or also they could a decent mixture of the Last Battalion and the Cleaners. The heavy armored Hunters could feature alongside new cool weaponry including the likes of snipers and shotguns. Moreover, the body could also feature tech associations although they won’t be aesthetic.

For now details pertaining to Tom Clancy’s The Division are only speculations and nothing concrete, with reports suggesting Ubisoft is going to make an announcement sooner or later. Anyhow, everything has to be made official once September 13 arrives on which the Studio and Massive both are going unveil the very cored update 1.4, which is set for a release in October.

Avid user will be definitely looking forward to this since it is a major development after a very long tiring wait. What are your views regarding the new Tom Clancy’s The Division faction. Are you excited and looking forward for the arrival of the Hunters? Let us know about your thoughts and views by commenting in the comments section below.