Report: Microsoft Wants The Xbox One To Be More Like The PS4, After Guerilla Games’s Horizon Zero Dawn Success



Microsoft’s Xbox One is a rather late bloomer when it comes to gaming consoles. Sony made its entry into the arena with its iconic PlayStation and has since pretty much remained at the top of the mountain. The console revolutionized the gaming industry, taking gamers away from Nintendo and Sega to a new era of gaming. Even when it comes to the eight generation of console heavyweights the PS4 and the Xbox One it’s the former which has taken an unsurpassable lead over the latter.

The biggest criticism that Xbox One  has had is the lack of exclusives. Something which the PS4 has in abundance. Not only does Sony’s console have a number of exclusives but they are also renowned to be thoroughly engaging, you only need to look at the upcoming roster of games such as Days Gone, The Last Of Us 2, God Of War and Spider-Man to realize just how far behind the Xbox One is to its closest competitor.

As reported by Gamesbeat, Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President of gaming at Microsoft said that this is a issue that the company is looking into and hoping to resolve in the coming years. He regarding the issue said that I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more. Definitely, we are at a point where we’re investing more and we’ll continue to do that.” Spencer has also appointed Matt Booty as Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios. Together both executives hope to turn the console around.

Spencer regarding Matt said that “When I look at Matt and his responsibility with his team, it’s about charting our future in first-party content. I feel like with each one of the leaders we have, there’s an existing plan, and I feel good about that plan, but we know that the plan all-up for studios is expanding. Having Matt’s leadership there in navigating the expansion, what bets we make, the teams we bet on, the teams we create, is going to be critical.”

For those of you unaware Matt Booty is perhaps best known as being a leader in the Minecraft game business, which arguably is one of the most popular titles of this generation.

Furthermore reports suggest that Microsoft wants the Xbox One  to be more like the PS4 after the success of Guerrilla Games and Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla was for a long time seen as a studio which was exclusively associated with the Killzone series. That is until Herman Hulst and co were allowed to do something different which resulted in the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn.

Perhaps this strategy can even be seen in the near future if the rumors are true, and Microsoft has tasked Playground of Forza Horizon fame with the development of Fable 4. Nothing however is confirmed yet , but it does seems like the announcement of a Fable 4 is inevitable.

It seems strange that Microsoft is only now realizing that the PS4’s greatest success came due to the fact that it had some of the most amazing exclusives in the market. The PS4 has largely dominated the console market by churning out one amazing exclusive after the another and although its great that the Xbox One will be getting some first party exclusives , it will take the green brand some time to catch up with the market leader.