THQ Nordic Is Playing It Smart When It Comes To The Marketing Of Biomutant And Darksiders 3



A few years back things were not looking so great for THQ. However since it’s re-incarnation as THQ Nordic there has been considerable improvement, and it seems that they have learned from the mistakes that they made in the past.

The company has so far announced Darksiders 3  and then in this year’s Gamescom they also announced Biomutant as well. Both the games were announced within a time span which arguably were quite favorable.The announcement of Darksiders 3 was very well received by the gaming community as well.

The third installment in the series is an open-world RPG and focuses on the Third Horsemen Fury . Fury is tasked to bring down the Seven Deadly Sin who have escaped their prison in Hell.

Biomutant has also received a lot of praise for being one of the most unique open world RPG’s of the modern era. Many have also been intrigued by its premise of being a kung-fu RPG, which is something which has never been done before.

THQ Nordic is treading cautiously  and are focusing the core of their marketing strategy in the US. What they are doing is they are being smart about how to market their product and are not going all out to create hype for their games.

Instead they have taken the rather subtle approach which for the time being seems to be working really well, and have ensured that their games remain in the eye of the public.