Thor:Ragnarok Is Toppling Box Office Records



The Wolfhall takes a detailed look at Thor:Ragnarok and it’s opening weekend, and analyzes how the character will move forward in the MCU

The hype that Marvel created through its trailers and promotion proved to be extremely successful. The latest installment of Thor, Thor:Ragnarok has shown the God of Lightning literally man handled by Hela; a sight that we don’t often get to see. The critics have also commended the film and Rotten Tomato’s has also gone as far as saying that it’s the best super hero movie of all time.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Thor: Ragnarok managed to book $107.6 million from the foreign box office over the weekend from around a 50% market share. The movie has managed to outperform the projections of $85 million to $100 million. Thor is right up there with there with some of Marvel’s best other installments in Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2 and Doctor Strange. Moreover, the movie also managed to break the record of the best October opening in various markets including South Korea, Brazil and Australia.

Thor now is expected to be launched in other foreign markets as well. It would be interesting to see whether the movie gains momentum over the next coming days. Currently competition in the super hero movie arena was minimal. However one thing that Marvel has to keep in mind that Justice League’s first installment is also expected to launch in November.

Like Thor, Justice League has also spent a lot on Marketing and promotion. Plus Justice League is a movie which will have a lot of fanfare surrounding it , and hence Marvel really needs to play it’s cards right if Avengers Infinity War is to be a huge success.

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