Thor: Ragnarok Brings Us To The Final Infinity Stone

Thor Ragnarok Reviews


Thor: Ragnarok brings us one step closer to the much awaited Avengers: Infinity War. The trailer for the Dark World answered many unanswered questions to the fan. After Captain America: Civil War many fans were wondering where exactly are the two missing avengers, Hulk and Thor.

The trailer for Thor: Ragnarok starts with Thor being depicted bounded with ropes in a helpless situation. As the trailer progresses we find that Thor’s home was destroyed by Hela, a goddess of death. The extent of her power can be judged by the ease with which she manhandles the God of Thunder and destroys his hammer. Later, we see Thor fighting as a gladiator in an arena where he encounters Hulk.

It is believed that in the latest Thor movie, Thor’s father Odin will go missing. The movie will be about Thor going on a quest to find his father. How exactly the Hulk ends up with Thor is still unknown, but we know that the Hulk, Thor and Loki will unite forces to fight Hela.

There are also rumors that Hela is responsible for Odin’s disappearance. The rumor suggests that one of the infinity stones is hidden in Odin’s eye patch and becomes the reason for Hela’s involvement in Odin’s disappearance. It is speculated that Hela once possessed the sixth and final infinity stone, the soul stone. However she was defeated by Odin who kept the stone for herself.

The movie seems like quite a ride for Thor and its fans. Like the first movie it would provide an important lesson for Thor of rising from the ashes to be on top again. We also believe that Thor will discover or tap into a new power that will help him in defeating Hela.

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