Thor: Ragnarok Will Signal The End Of An Era For Its Titular Character

Thor Ragnarok Reviews


The Wolfhall takes a look at why Thor may be a different person after Ragarnok

Marvel fans are eagerly awaiting the latest chapter of Thor. It’s been quite some time before fans have seen Thor on the big screen. The last Marvel movie was Captain America: Civil War which had most of the super heroes except the Hulk and Thor.

The latest movie Thor: Ragnarok will explore where exactly the bad ass super heroes were while Iron Man and Captain America sorted out their differences on earth. As mentioned before on countless occasions we have seen Marvel beautifully set the architecture of its upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War. We have seen countless characters and movies leading up to this one film

During this stream of movies we have also seen different events shape and mould of our super heroes in the Avengers. Why Thor: Ragnarok is so important that it will completely change Thor and mould him into a different person altogether. As reported by Screen Rant, director Taika Waititi regarding the issue said that “When the story is said and done, Thor will be a different man than the one fans have come to know. So for better or worse, Ragnarok will truly signal the end of an era for at least one Avenger.”

The antagonist of the film, Hela would play an extremely important role in bringing this massive change in Thor. She as shown in the trailer is responsible for much of the destruction of Asgard and the attrition of Thor. The movie would mostly revolve around how Thor attained or tapped his hidden power as revealed in the last part of the trailer to combat Hela.

So what do you think the future holds for the God of Thunder? Is this the final time we get to see him in a solo movie? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.