Andrzej Sapkowski Sold The Witcher Rights To Metropolis For A Paltry $4000!

The Witcher

Andrzej Sapkowski, the author and creator of The Witcher universe, was making headlines not quite long ago about his unhappiness about the success of the Witcher games. The  games have been subject to tremendous success in terms of sales and positive feedback and the latest incarnation The Witcher 3 won numerous game of the year awards when it was released back in 2015. It has since then been revered as one of the best RPGs ever made!

We now know the reason behind this as Sapkowski actually sold the rights to The Witcher series for an extremely paltry sum. Andrzej Sapkowski sold the rights for the series to a studio called Metropolis for only a small sum (considering how much the games have earned as of now) of 15,000 Polish Zloty or $4000 in today’s currency! It was later when CD Projekt RED had acquired Metropolis that they rebought the license from Andrzej. Sapkowski was offered a percentage of the royalties that would’ve come from the games in addition to the money paid to him for the license.The information comes via Marcin Kosman a renowned gaming journalist who subsequently went to work for CDPR.

Additionally it also appears that the head of Metropolis Adrian Chmielarz coined the term The Witcher as opposed to Sapkowski’s preferred name Hexer back in 1998. As we all now know that it was a decade later the game came out , and thankfully it was not named The Hexer. Incidentally there was also a movie back in 2001 which came out with the same name and was based on Sapkowski’s work.

Sapkowski had refused the offer and has been very clear about how big of a mistake that he made by doing so. The Witcher games have brought in CD Projekt RED a lot of money and there was even a Game of the Year Edition that was coupled with both of the released story DLCs.



It has since also gotten a spin-off game, Gwent, which just came out of closed beta and is available for everyone to play for PC, Xbox One and the PS4. It is based on the mini-game that was a part of The Witcher 3 and has been made into an entire game with multiplayer features and a single-player campaign!