The Surge – How To Farm Crafting Materials


Here is how you farm crafting material in The Surge and get stronger equipment in the process as well.

Do you want to build new gear in The Surge? If yes, then you are going to require lessons on how to aim and farm particular body parts on your protagonists. For the upgrade system of The Surge, this is an important part and further down the article, you will get to know all that you must in order to begin farming for materials in The Surge and that too in right off the bat. You will even get to know a bit about the crafting framework and how it breaks down the many pieces of enemy armor that you get during the process of farming.

Crafting materials are important to master the manufacture of new rigging, reinforcement, and overhauling the Exo-Rig. The Surge as you play through the game will reveal to you how to croft materials very right on time in the digression when the enemies are generally less demanding to bring down. Initially you need schematics! Keeping in mind the end goal to make another gear or armor.

Let’s say, a new Body Gear is supposed to be crafted, for that, you are required to have set of materials, and additionally Tech Scrap. Tech Scrap can be obtained from the adversaries you defeat from time to time or from the consumables that you will run over during the game. Crafting materials themselves are found by cutting off rigging parts from enemies.

Now not all enemies hold materials that are of good use. You will need to find enemies with heavily armored bodies and target them. It also depends on how much damage each part of the enemy’s body takes; this determines if the player will have a chance of cutting it off the enemy.

If you manage to figure out how to remove the body part of your enemy, then it will show up as a pickup thing on the ground. Snatch it and it will show up in your stock and it will be pointless for you in this state. Hence, visit your closest Gear Station and separate it into the materials that you must redesign or make that specific piece.