Marvel Revealing Little About The Punisher: Here’s Why?



The Punisher TV show is soon to hit the TV screens soon and Marvel fans are excited as ever. While there are tons of super hero TV shows coming up, what sets this show apart is the all round package it brings. The show is a maverick when it comes to other similar genre TV shows bringing extreme violence to the screen with a truly depressing story line.

The first season of the Punisher is expected to divulge Frank Castle’s tragic past story. As many accurately term it the show is expected to be about “men suffering tragedy and trauma.” Many super heroes have tragic back stories but still tend to develop calm personalities. Or in many cases the directors refrain from bringing the dark side of these super heroes to the big screen. But now things have changed significantly and TV show producers aren’t afraid of experimenting of bringing out dark and violent personalities in front of the audience.

Marvel hasn’t done a fair bit of promotion for the new show. So far we have only been able to catch a glimpse at the show’s main villain and a short look at his ally Micro.  The show’s new cover video also has a caption “The Hunt Is On”. While it does reveal very little  we can speculate that someone is after Castle’s life. Moreover, there have also been revelations’ of the show’s episode titles being in morse code.

Marvel sure is keeping things secret. It seems that Marvel believes that the adequate level of promotion is already taken place for the show and right way to go about now would be to keep things secret. As they say curiosity kills the cat. The curiosity levels of the fans may trigger increase in viewership fitting to be a perfect strategy for Marvel and company.