Netflix’s The Punisher Release Date Revealed



After the mass shootout in Las Vegas, the release date of The Punisher was extended and not revealed in the New York Comic Con. However we sure have some good news for our fans. In the most latest development, the season 1 of the long awaited show will be finally available for streaming on Netflix on November 17, 2017.

Jon Bernthal will play the role of Frank Castle or the Punisher. Although we have been introduced to the character in Daredevil’s season 2, a whole season dedicated for the violent assassin would definitely sent shivers down the spine. Bernthal in many ways fits the role of the Punisher perfectly and manages to bring out the essence of the true lone wolf of the character.

The trailer for the Punisher is quite an emotional one. It shows how a normal human being transitions from a calm and peaceful person to a ruthless animal. It shows that the Punisher was part of a military division that was doing something that was not considered right by Frank Castle. Later, it seems that Castle left the department but had access to some kind of secret confidential information. The department thus wanted to retrieve the information and started out by killing Castle’s family. Castle devastated by the murders goes mad and transitions into the Punisher with the aim of gaining revenge and killing the ones who were responsible for the murder.

While Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist have appeared together in the Defenders, the Punisher is someone who works alone and is kind of driven by his own motives and objectives. In other words he isn’t a very good team player and works best in isolation and is one of Marvel’s most grisly characters.

Check out the trailer of The Punisher that has been posted below, and let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments sections below.