The Last of Us 2 Theory Explains Why Ellie May Be Out For Retribution


The Last Of US 2 trailer has invited a wave of speculation, with many assuming that Joel has indeed kicked the bucket so to say. This would also be in line with Neil Druckmann’s statement that The Last of Us 2 will be a story about hate. However, there is the slight problem with this being too obvious and Naughty Dog doesn’t do obvious.

However, there is one other theory which has been making the rounds and that is that Ellie falls in love with another new character that will be introduced in the sequel. Neil Druckmann has already gone on record to say that there will be a secondary LGBT character in the game. Hence it might be possible that the character being referred to is actually the love interest of Ellie, who we know as a fact is one of the best LGBT characters in video games, and the hate driven story revolves around her seeking retribution for the murder of her lover possibly through the hands of the Fireflies.

If you go back and look at the trailer frame by frame you will find at around 1.48 you will find Ellie sitting in a room which is full of posters. Most of them are unintelligible apart from one in the top right which has the words Theseus written on it. Now this is where it gets interesting, as many of you will know that Greek mythology has some of the most tragic and heart wrenching tales, which is perfect fodder at times for story driven games.


Theseus is the tale of a Greek hero who was the one and only son of the king of Athens Aegeus, who volunteers to go to Crete as part of a ritual where 7 Athenian men and women each were sent as a sacrifice to a Minotaur who resided in the middle of a labyrinth. Theseus tells his father that I am going on a ship with black sails, but if I come back successful these sails will be white. More on this later.

The reason for the sacrifices was due to retribution for the murder of King Minos’s son Androgeos who was assassinated in Athens while taking part in the Panthenaic Games.

Theseus arrives in Crete and catches the eye of Ariadne who falls in love with him and gives him a ball of wool to help him find his way back out of the labyrinth. Theseus then proceeds to kill the Minotaur with his own horn and hence manages to escape the labyrinth.

On the return to Athens ,Theseus  decides to leave Ariadne on a beach for some unknown reasons, and in his grief forgets to put on white sails to indicate he was successful. As the ship approaches Athens King Aegeus sees the black sails and thinking that Theseus was dead , jumps of the top of a cliff towards his own death.

Now you must be thinking how does this tie in with The Last Of Us 2 . For that you may have to cast your mind back towards the ending of The Last Of us where Ellie asks Joel to swear to her that what he was saying about the Fireflies finding more subjects like her was true. We all assumed that Joel was lying to Ellie, but what if he was unwittingly telling the truth? The shared theme between the story of Theseus and The Last Of Us is the idea of sacrifice. This would mean that Ellie would want to protect others like her who are immune to the virus, in the same way that Joel protected her, and just like Ariadne who gave Theseus a string to find his way out of a labyrinth, Ellie’s potential love interest may have handed her a vital clue to the locations of others like her.

It is also very likely that the Easter egg that we got in Uncharted 4’s epilogue is actually Ellie’s mom pregnant with Ellie. Somehow Ellie finds out in the greater context of things that the Fireflies had a hand in her demise and is now seeking retribution for her death against them. I believe that a Confrontation between Ellie and the Fireflies is extremely likely, and that is even more evident by the fact that in the trailer there is a Firefly logo in the compound that Ellie has just seemingly infiltrated.

If the Theseus theory does hold true though this would mean that at some point later in the game Joel will meet his maker just like Aegeus did. Let us know what do you make of the theory by commenting in the comments section below.