Evidence Suggests The Last Of Us 2 Will Be Set In Seattle



Despite being a no show on E3 2017 , The Last Of Us 2  still remains one of the most highly anticipated games in recent times. The game had a surprise reveal at the PlayStation Experience last year much to the joy and surprise  of the fans in attendance , and watching around the world . However since then there have been only a few details about the title which have made its way to the public.

Yet as is the nature of this industry there have been a ton of rumors going around . With perhaps the most famous of which is Ellie might have gotten  pregnant as the result of rape in The Last Of Us 2, while another one discusses the fact that Ellie may have found others like her who seem immune to the outbreak. Some fans have also managed put bits and pieces of information together to provide a coherent detail of where the game will be set in. The most popular theory seems to be that The Last Of Us 2 will be based in Seattle Washington.

Redditors have recently dug deep to find some hard evidence that seemingly suggests that Seattle would indeed be one of the places where the game would be set.  The evidence  points to a sign on the street which was also seen in the reveal trailer at PSX 2016, and it also features a number of landmarks which are native to the people of Seattle. Here is the image in question

However take this as mere speculation since there is yet to be any official confirmation or details about the story or the games location as of yet.

The Last Of Us 2 is all set to be released on the PS4 and PS4 Pro in the near future. Let us know what are your expectations from the game by commenting in the comments section below.