The Last Of Us 2 Outbreak Day Poster Contains A Hidden Image; Here’s What The Internet Thinks It Means

The Last Of Us Part II


The Last Of Us 2 recently got a new poster along with a theme, and T-shirt on Outbreak Day. The poster apparently has an hidden image which has given birth to all kinds of theories. Here is the poster in question.








While many of us will see an individual holding a hammer and a burning car set against a desolate landscape, some eagle-eyed observers have managed to notice that their is an image of a Wolf in the flames. Look at the picture posted above and you will be able to see it clearly.

Naughty Dog is famous for planting little Easter Eggs in most of its games and promotional material. We have previously also looked at the Atreus theory and the rumor that Ellie might be pregnant in The Last Of Us 2. But these new theories which have come forth after the wolf’s image in the poster may be perhaps the most shocking of them all.

The theory suggests that the arm which is holding the hammer is of Joel, and the wolf represents his attitude. The wolf is usually known for its trickery , deceit and its pack mentality.

We all know at the end of the first part Joel lied to Ellie to protect her from the Fireflies, and hence it is very likely that Ellie discovers this trickery during the events of the game. Certain more extreme theories suggest that Joel might be the antagonist of the game. The chances of this happening are quite slim, but if this was to happen it would be one hell of a curve ball. The final theory suggests is that Joel and Ellie band together with other survivors to fight the outbreak.

It is important to remember that at this time these are mere speculations and nothing more and we will have to wait for the answers till The Last Of Us 2 is released in the near future.

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