Persona 5: The Free Japanese Audio Track DLC Is Nearly 3GB

P5 Persona 5

The newest game in the Persona series, Persona 5, will release in the US with only support for English audio. But some of the old fans out there would rather play the game with the original Japanese soundtrack than the English one. Now, Atlus has decided to add the Japanese audio track for free to appease fans that are interested in the original soundtrack. But with details of the DLC coming, what actually surprised us is the size of the DLC.

2.9 GB. Yes, the size of the DLC is almost a whopping 3GB. That’s alot of space required, considering the DLC consists only of the games original Japanese audio track. But it seems the size of the DLC is justified when taking into account the size of the game and all of the voiced dialogue in it.  For now, the DLC is available for download through the European PlayStation Store. The DLC is expected to be available on the North American PS Store soon.

Persona 5 continues the legacy of the previous Persona games, offering a new cast of unique characters  immersed within a riveting plot. The player takes control of a high school student that joins a group called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group dedicated to personally redeeming corrupt adults by stealing treasures from their manifested palaces. It’s a completely different, zany plot, the likes of which only Atlus could pull off.

There is even more upcoming DLC for the game throughout the next few months. Most of its paid DLC that includes cosmetic items like costumes and sets.