The Flash Season 4 Villain Might Have Already Been Revealed

Barry Allen


With Season 3 wrapped up fans have been curious to find out who will be The Flash Season 4 villain. Currently, we have got a big clue at who the villain might be in The Flash season 4. The executive producer of the show, Andrew Kreisberg, spoke at the Paley Fest in LA, California saying, “Next season we’re not going to have a speedster as the main bad guy.” Now, a huge hint has been unveiled in an episode when Abra Kadabra mentioned “DeVoe” as being one of The Flash’s greatest foes. THis little Easter Egg may yet be a conincidence but it does look increasingly likely to come true.

If we refer to the comics, then many DC fans might not recognize the other personality of the villain who is known as The Thinker and has the real name Clifford DeVoe. Here are some details on who The Thinker is and what it might mean if he is The Flash Season 4 villain.

The Thinkers Origins

The real name of the character is Clifford DeVoe and he made a debut in Volume 1 of All-Flash in 1942 as a villain for the very first Flash i.e. Jay Garrick. DeVoe is a lawyer who failed and had the sudden realization about the criminals of Gotham City who are likely to have skills. However, some villains do not have the brains big enough to be effective and DeVoe did therefore, he developed an alter ego as The Thinker and became the smartie behind some indie villains.

After DeVoe, the second Thinker was Cliff Carmichael and serves as an antagonist for Firestorm . While attempting to take Ronnie’s life, he went insane after accidentally breaking the neck of his cousin and after which he was admitted to a mental hospital. While trying to rectify his brain, the scientists used the ‘Thinking Cap’ which was of the initial Thinker. Carmichael switched the scientists on and utilized the Thinking Cap in order to turn himself into a ‘cyberpunk maniac’ that has powers of a meta.

Even though, the name of the first Thinker was mentioned by Abra Kadabra but it is a huge possibility that the show writers will chose either of the versions. The writers of the show are known to pick and choose the elements of that characters incarnation in the history and if they determine to use the initial version of The Thinker then things might get a bit tougher for the Flash.

However it seems an almost certainty that Clifford DeVoe Aka the technologically advance being who has the powers of telekinesis and mind control. The only thing now remaining is to find out who plays his role.