More Meta-Humans Expected In The Flash Season 4



We take a look at some of the new meta-humans of The Flash Season 4, and how they will impact the story

Barry Allen a normal average boy turned into the Flash after a failed experiment at Star Labs. However, Barry was not the only person to have super abilities that day. The radiation from the experiment advanced into Central City creating all sort of meta-humans, some bad some good. Now the Flash works with his team at Star Labs to bring down all the meta-humans that turned rogue.

In all three seasons of the Flash we have seen the speedster fight numerous meta-humans. It seems like there is a hierarchy of villains with each win taking Flash to the next level until finally meeting the boss. This hierarchy is expected to continue in the fourth season.

The Flash Season 4 has seen a whole new line of super villains appear. Now the villains  have more to do with Barry himself rather than the Thinker. Barry Allen’s return from the speed force is the main cause of the problem. As Barry returned he struck a bus bestowing everyone in it with super powers.

Some of the most prominent super villains include Dominic Lanse/ Brain Storm: who transitioned from a good meta-human to a bad one after some recent turn of events and Neil Borman / Fallout: Neil Borman is a good guy but isnt aware of the radiation that he is emitting that is hurting people.

Another supervillain who might be waking her way to the Flash is Hazard. Hazard was first introduced in the Arrowverse but was a villain who was created because of the Flash. It would be interesting to see the motive behind the Thinker’s reason to kill Flash and his family.

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