The Flash Season 4 Trailer Shows The Return Of Barry Allen

The Flash Season 4


Flash as a TV show has developed quite a relationship with its fans. The show has managed to capture the interest of the audience with its engaging and mysterious story lines. Now DC is geared to launch the fourth season and fans are extremely interested on how the directors are going to bring a new dimension to the show.

The Flash Season 4 is expected to air its first show on Tuesday, October 10 in the US. In the first two seasons the show has followed similar story lines. A mysterious super villain threatens Central City and the team along with Flash slowly and gradually through detective and super hero skills discern their identities. The third season while following the same pattern offers a twist in the tale as Barry Allen proves to be the identity of Savitar. Barry then sacrifices himself to save his team and the city and disappears.

Some three to four months from now it was thought that we might not see Barry Allen in the show and that Wally West would assume the role of the next Flash. But all these assumptions have proved to be wrong as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was seen in the latest trailer. The original Flash now returns and is now a completely different person than before.

Show runner Todd Helbing regarding the matter said that “Barry’s time in the speed force let him deal with all of the baggage that he had the last three seasons, everything with his mom and his dad and Flashpoint. So when he comes out, he’s sort of left that all behind,” He added that. “It does really allow Barry and Grant [Gustin], in a lot of ways, to play these scenes with a lot more lightness to it. The combination of the scripts being a lot more fun and more joke-ridden, and just the state that Barry’s in when he comes out, it’s really changed the show quite a bit. There’s definitely a comedic tonal shift that we really love right now.”

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