The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 Review

The Flash

The Flash Season 3 premiered kicked off with The Flashpoint arc in style. Barry runs back in time to save his mother, forming an alternate reality in the process. The Reverse Flash is in the captivity of Barry, and constantly reminds him of the consequences of altering the timeline.

Barry trades the life of his mother at the expense and sacrifice of the very world he lives in. In Barry’s altered reality both of his parents are alive and well. Iris West, Caitlin Snow and Caitlin Snow are not his friends, while Joe West is unaware of him. Joe serves is still a detective in this reality as well, however he’s a drunk wasted man. Barry and Iris hit off pretty well instantly credited to their relationship back in the original timeline. As far as speedsters are concerned, Wally West goes by as ‘Flash’ or even better as ‘Kid Flash’. Coming to Star Labs, the place is now owned by Cisco Ramon who’s apparently a billionaire and the richest man in America.

Surprisingly, Barry still has powers and memories back from the original timeline. More importantly, he has Reverse Flash in his captivity who warns him of the consequences of messing with the timeline. Apparently, at the expense of saving his mother’s life the actual world is at stake. The more of his powers that Barry uses, he loses memories of the original timeline. Realizing that the dangers that Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash warned him off were actually true, Barry shifts the course back to the original timeline with a heavy heart, allowing The Reverse Flash to kill his mother and set the timeline right.

Barry returns to the same night he left, and all seems good until Barry brings up Iris while conversing with Joe and Wally. It is then revealed that Joe and Iris are not on speaking terms, and Barry realizes that his small adventure had caused damage after all. Whether Barry is in yet another alternate timeline, or did his trip to the alternate one change the course of events back here we’ll have to wait and find out as the season progresses. Drop by your thoughts and opinions regarding the premiere in the comments section below.