Did The Flash Just Drop An Evil Superman Easter Egg??



The Flash is considered among DC’s most interesting and exciting shows. One of the major stimulus that leaves fans in awe is the cross universe travel. The Flash’s season does that exactly and always keeps the audience on their feet, waiting to be bamboozled at any given time. We have seen time travel, distant universe travel and even crossovers with Arrow, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow. But what we are about to see next might clearly be something never witnessed before.

The cunning Thinker, has already enveloped Barry Allen aka The Flash for murder. While Barry is in the trial room, the rest of the gang come up against a villain with radiation powers. Fallout as Cisco likes to call this nuclear radiator has wreaked havoc in Central City. While the Flash and his team come up with an ingenious technique to create a vacuum to contain the blast, it soon becomes uncontrollable leaving the team with the only option to reroute it to a Earth 15 (A lifeless Earth).

This has allowed fans to come up with theories of a potential existence of Superman Prime. While most of you may have seen the good side of Superman, a rogue Superman can be truly devastating. This version of Superman was outraged on his home planet getting destroyed. He went on an rampage destroying every single specie including every Superman to have the sole patent to this role.

Harrison Wells in the TV show called Earth 15 a dead universe, meaning it was alive at some point in time. The only explanation that fans have currently come up with is that it was destroyed by Superman Prime. If these rumors and explanations are true we might see a Flash VS Superman any time soon which will prove to be truly epic.

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