The Flash’ Casts New Villain, ‘Arrow’ Introduces New Hero

Grant Gustin

CW’s DC TV Universe sees two new interesting faces to join the ranks of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’. According to EOnline reports Ashley Rickards is joining ‘The Flash’ team. Also, according to TVLine reports Jessica Jones actor Wil Traval joins the ‘Arrow’ team. Fans have been excited over the announcement of this news, and have been speculating over the roles and developments of Traval’s and Rickard’s character on show.

Best known for her character on MTV’s Awkward – ‘Jenna’, Ashley Rickards will be taking up the character of a villain on ‘The Flash’. A drastic change from her previous role, the actress will be playing the famous Flash rogue from the comics, The Top. Although The Top was a male criminal in the comics, the show will have Rickards playing as ‘Rosalind (Rosa) Dillon’, a criminal with metahuman abilities. The Top will appear in episode 4 of Season 3 of ‘The Flash’. The episode will also feature Mirror Master, and will see the return of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold.

As for Traval, contrary to his villainous role on Jessica Jones, he would be playing a much intrinsic heroic character as the ‘The Human Target’ on ‘Arrow’. Although originally there was a separate series on ‘The Human Target’ on FOX, the series was shortly cancelled. For those unaware of ‘The Human Target’, the character who goes by the name of Christopher Chance is a professional bodyguard. He’s basically a phenomenal disguise master, who assumes the mantle and identity of the one he’s supposed to protect. This leads to the assassins tracking to kill of a particular person, to go after ‘The Human Target’ instead. The Arrow will see Traval’s character tasked with protecting Oliver Queen, the new mayor of Star City. The Human Target will be appearing in episode 5 of Season 5 of Arrow.

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