The Evil Within 2 Story Trailer Reveals Some Important Plot Details



The Evil Within 2 was finally announced at E3 2017 by Bethesda. The game looked stylish and dare I say its initially glimpses suggest that it will be a much bigger hit than its predecessor which in its own right was a cult classic.

However the initial footage shown for The Evil Within 2 left us with more questions than answers. For e.g what was the white goo? what has Sebastian’s long lost daughter got to do with all this , and if Ruvik the antagonist from the original would be making a return?

Well a recent story trailer has put some light on to some of those burning questions, and the minute and a half clip basically tells us that Mobius is up to no good yet again , and also have his long lost daughter in their clutches , and to get her back he must re-enter STEM a sort of a mind realm machine which relies on the principal of a hive mind  to get her back.

Additionally it is also revealed that the events that transpired have left Sebastian Castellanos a broken man , and nobody believes his story and in turns he is let go from the Police department , and now he spends every waking moment searching for the people who ruined his life , while torn over the decision to trust his former mentee Julie Kidman who was working for the very people who were responsible for his downfall.

Here is a little preview of what the games story will hold courtesy of

“Sebastian Castellanos is a former detective, but more importantly this time around, he’s a man struggling with loss and desperation,” says Game Director John Johanas. “He was a father who cared very deeply for his family and those around him, and now he’s alone in the world. Upon losing his family before the events of the first game, Sebastian became much rougher around the edges, and much more cynical –but he still remained faithful to his duty as a detective, with a very strong sense of right and wrong that even tragedy hasn’t been able to take away.”