Is A Remodification Of The Avengers A Good Idea?



Marvel has finally come to the point that we all have been waiting for her. Kevin Fiege is at the pinnacle of success as he consolidates his universe in Avengers 3. The Avengers 3 will be a culmination of hard work and intellectual architecture of different story lines into one plot. We will see the Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to face of one of the most menacing threats in Thanos.

Many in the past have speculated that Avengers after the infinity wars and the threat of Thanos will be a changed universe. The speculations have now transitioned to concrete facts as James Gunn director of the Guardians of the Galaxy has backed these claims.

Chris Evans who plays Captain America will no longer be available after the Thanos saga. Marvel thus may have some plans for Captain America. We believe he will die and then come back as a Hydra and come back to haunt the Avengers. In addition to Captain America many more deaths can also be expected but it’s too soon to speculate at the moment.

If deaths take place then Marvel would have to revamp the Avengers and fill it in with new super heroes which can be a long and tedious process. This will be exactly the point where Justice League would be growing and it would be an ideal opportunity for Warner Bros and DC to capitalize on this. Moreover, death and Disney’s Avengers don’t go hand in hand. It would be interesting to see whether fans will be relate with such a policy if its followed. Avengers has always been about humor and fun. So much misery all of a sudden may backfire. Moreover fans have also have strong associations with the current super hero portfolio. Re-modifying the group may again prove to be a disastrous recipe for success.