Supernatural: The Men Of Letters To Focus On Castiel


In the twelfth season of Supernatural, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester’s (Jensen Ackles) relationship is being tested. There is going to be a new recruit for the Men of Letters which is highly likely to threaten the Winchester brothers in the upcoming season.

According to spoilers of Season 12, this is going to be the most difficult season for the two. Whereas, in the previous season, Sam Winchester was captured by the dangerous messenger of the Men of Letters’, Lady Tony Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore). In the upcoming season, Dean’s journey is expected to find Sam and secure his freedom.

For those who don’t know, the Men of Letters is a British corporation which tailed the life of the Winchester brothers. On the contrary, the need of intervention is essential as the events go out of hand.

The producer of the show, Andrew Dabb, shared in a report that Dean is going to do everything in his power in order to find his brother and eventually, they will meet again but will have a distinct point of view while dealing with the Men of Letters. Dabb explained that the fight of the two with the British organization will be progressed to a personal level and they will not be in agreement with the way of managing with the corporation after Sam’s abduction.

Further into the report, Sam is going to be siding with the organization and his brother is to do the opposite. Sam is finally going to realize where these men are coming from and Dean is not going to be happy with Sam’s understanding of the Men Of Letters.

In the upcoming season, the brothers will also be dealing with the surprise return of their mother Mary (Samantha Smith) who was gone for a pretty long time i.e. when the boys were still young. Her return is presumed to bring either good or bad things for the two brothers.

Additional reports suggest that Supernatural will be having a spin-off series. In fact, the president of The CW, Mark Pedowitz said that the network is to prioritize these series. Writers added that the perfect storyline for the show is yet to be found. Investigations suggest that the focus of the next season will be on Castiel (Misha Collins), whereas, other speculations are that the focus will be on villains like Lucifer (Rick Springfield) or Amara (Emily Swallow).

Season twelve of Supernatural is set to air on The CW on October 13, 2016. It is going to start off with the brothers being separated and will progress as Dean meets his mother Mary and goes on a hunt to find Sam to rescue him from the Men of Letters.