Superman And Louis Lane: Why Are They Key For Justice League



The Wolfhall takes a look at why Superman and Louis Lane are important for Justice League

The latest trailer of Justice League has arrived and we don’t think Warner Bros has revealed a whole lot in the trailer. The newest trailer seems just like an extension of the previous trailer showing things in more detail. The core concept however remains the same.

The trailer starts with the depiction of Louis Lane and Superman. We believe that this is a diversion and a means to make the audience believe Superman has returned. This could be a dream that Louis Lane might be having. There is a theory out there that superman may have gone to the dark side, however with DC looking to build on their superhero franchise I see Superman having a vital role to play in it , and hence the possibility might not pan out.

As shown in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Flash travels back in time and warns Batman about the looming threat in the future. Flash quite clearly warns Bruce Wayne about Superman and how he is the key. The latest trailer thus starts with both Louis Lane and Superman and may be the building blocks of the future story of Justice League.

In addition to that we also saw a better look at Steppenwolf. He is shown attacking an army with his hammer like weapon. The creation and origin of Parademons is also shown. Moreover, the movie will be mostly about coordination between the team. Initially there can be a possibility of the team struggling to cope with another. But as time progresses we will see this improve. Wonder Women is shown saving Batman, while Aquaman also works with Cyborg to take out a Parademon.

Another point that we bring about here is that the invasion general led by Stephen Wolf will allow the world to take on a unified position. Aquaman and his marine army, Wonder Women and the Amazonians and the human army will all unite under one roof. We may see our world winning but hopes might recede in the end. Superman will make an appearance in the end as a protagonist this we can easily deduce as the movie without Clark Kent’s return will make no sense whatsoever.

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