Super Mario Run Wont Be Getting Any More Levels Or Content


The investors of Nintendo have been taken aback by the recent reviews of Super Mario Run, they say that the sales of the smartphone game application has sold more shares on Monday, 19th December 2016 – this is with respect to the analysts showing concern over the payment method for the game.

The shares of Nintendo have ended at 7.1% in the Tokyo Stock Exchange trading and this has extended a loss of five days- this means that the stock value has fallen down more than 16%, whereas, a month ago the stock value rose more than 20%.

The game, Super Mario Run, features the Kyoto-based company’s world famous game character, Mario. It was just released last week before  for iPhone and Android gadgets. The smartphone game application was launched by Nintendo’s game creator Shigeru Miyamoto at an event of Apple back in September. It is free to download but you will need $9.99 in order to unlock all the features.


Nintendo entered the smartphone game application market this year after so many years of staying away from it. This was mainly due to the unsatisfactory performance of the console Wii U that made the investors to motivate the company to enter the smartphone game application industry.

The expectations of the application were very high after the immense success of “Pokemon Go” which was developed by a Nintendo affiliate. However, many analysts pointed out the difference between Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go; there is a different in revenue as well as cost. Pokemon Go is completely free of cost, whereas, Super Mario Run has a $9.99 charge to it in order to advance the game to higher levels.

A Nintendo spokesman mentioned that the company did not plan to release additional content for the game, nor free of cost nor paid,

If you were hoping that Mario would perform like Pokémon, then Mario clearly didn’t achieve its mission,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute. “But that was placing expectations too high because the Mario game’s business scheme is so different from Pokémon.”

A former game director to Nintendo, Motoi Okamoto, said that he has already finished the Mario smartphone game and he said that the game was amazing but the payment structure was not. Those who see that downloading the game is free of cost will be taken aback in awe when requested to pay $9.99 just to up their game a few levels. Here’s what Mr. Okamoto has to say:

“The game should have either asked players to pay when downloading or given more free content if they were to pursue a free-to-download model.”