Super Mario Odyssey Is Already A Best Seller On Amazon!



Super Mario Odyssey is out! One of the biggest and most anticipated games of the year is here for the Nintendo Switch and it has already accumulated a hefty number of sales on amazon, so much that it’s on Amazon’s Best Sellers list for 2017! This status was achieved before the game was even released so, given it’s time, it can top the charts easily if the numbers stay strong like this. Being one of the most popular franchises in gaming history is why everybody was excited for this latest iteration in the Mario series.

This one is specially interesting since it offers such a variety of gameplay regarding the various worlds that are in the game. The brand new hat-capture mechanic is surely going to be fun since you can use to control EVERYONE in the game! There was a lot of talk about the content inside Odyssey and how it was filled with tons of unique levels and worlds.

Not only is Super Mario Odyssey leading the charts, a lot of other Nintendo products are filled in the Best Sellers list too. The Nintendo Switch comes in at seventh place on Amazon’s list while the fourth, fifth and sixth spots all have Nintendo exclusive titles such as Mario Kart and Breath of the Wild.

Super Mario Odyssey can easily take first place on the list (now inhibited by PlayStation Network cards) if it continues to outshine like this and looking at the nostalgia factor involved, it most likely will.

There are, as of yet, no post release numbers for the sales of Super Mario Odyssey but considering all the pre-orders and bundle sales that were confirmed before release it has a fine chance of overtaking every other title in sales. The game was touted to be GOTY before it was even released by many industry analysts!

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