Super Hero TV Shows To Look Out For Next Year



The Wolfhall takes a look at some of the super hero TV shows to come on air next year and also why companies are ramping up production of such shows

Entertainment companies in the past few years have ramped up adaptations of comic books to the big screen.  This trend was not so widespread ten years from now. We used to see one or two super hero movies in a year and those too failed to make a mark as the comics did. Batman, Superman and Spider Man were only a few movies that got sequels and managed to attain some attention from the fans.

Things now seem to differ. In the last decade we have seen a wide array of super hero movies coming up. Some heroes such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man who were only limited to the knowledge of comic book fans have gotten their own movies and now have a huge fan following. In addition to these top of the notch super heroes, entertainment companies such as Marvel and DC comics have also decided to give the second tier super heroes the limelight. Although these second tier super heroes are not getting their own movies but are being drawn to the audience through TV shows.

So why are so many super hero films and shows coming up? The answer is that they bring in huge amounts of money. CEO of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes in November 2016 disclosed that the entertainment company managed to bring in $1 billion last year alone. While the DC universe has not had the same level of success as Marvel in Movies, they certainly have managed to heat things around when it comes to TV shows. The DC universe has over 10 TV shows running at the moment.

Marvel now is also looking to up its game by getting some of its second tier super heroes to the limelight through TV shows. In the next few years we might see even more TV shows springing up and captivating audiences. Let’s take a look at some of the shows that we can expect to see next year.

The Gifted

After the success of Logan and some of the other X-Men series, Marvel is trying to create a TV show focused on mutants. Through their TV series the Gifted, Marvel tells a story of a couple who are gifted with two children that turn out to be mutants. Their children reveal their mutant abilities in their high school. Now the couple must go on the run and protect their children from the society which considers mutants as a threat.

The Defenders

Another Marvel TV series that is gaining significant anticipation is “The Defenders.” After the success of Avengers, Marvel decided to come up with the Defenders. The Defenders would see Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist unite to save New York City. It’s an attempt to give the lesser known super hero teams some traction and recognition.

Black Lightning

As the name suggests, this super hero is gifted with the ability to control and harness electricity. This is a story about Jefferson Pierce who nine years ago had discovered his ability of controlling electricity. However with crime fighting coming in between his family life he decided to quit his super hero duties. Now with crime engulfing the city once again, Pierce must make a decision of whether to come back or not.


While many of us would have enjoyed “ Teen titans” the animated series we certainly wouldn’t be accustomed to seeing these heroes coming to the TV series seen. But now DC aims to turn things around by giving the gang, led by Robin their own TV show. Some of the other members of the gang would include, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg.


While many of us know what happened to Superman’s planet, we were always given a terse version of it. DC aims to twirl things around my giving us its very own TV series about Superman’s grandfather. The series will explore in detail the events that led to the planet’s destruction and would also give us a history lesson of Superman’s roots.


In addition to the above mentioned shows there are several other shows that are coming up as well. These include Marvel’s new warriors, Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, Marvel’s Runaways and many more. While we were only able to explore a few of these shows we might review the others in further articles.