Sunset Overdrive Sequel Could Happen But It Depends Upon Microsoft


Sunset Overdrive the open world third-person shooter developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the Xbox One came out two years ago. Fans of the game have been eagerly anticipating news on a potential sequel ever since. Well Insomniac Games has broken their silence and said that a sequel could happen but it depends on Microsoft’s approval.

In an interview with GameInformer, Insomniac Games president Ted Price stated that Sunset Overdrive IP is under the direction of publisher Microsoft Studios adding “You’d have to ask Microsoft” as to the lack of a sequel following a couple of years since the original game released.

He also went on to state that Insomniac Games owns the IP so in there is potential for more content coming out in the future whether Microsoft is involved or not . He was quick to add that at this point he can make no promises.

“We are passionate about that franchise, and we own it, so you may see more Sunset in the future from us. No promises, and no timeline to speak of, but it is something that represents our willingness to create unexpected experiences”.

Insomniac games has in the past expressed a willingness to port Sunset Overdrive to PC, but the studio claims that decision also requires permission from Microsoft.

Microsoft says a PC version of Sunset Overdrive is not planned. The company claims that they enjoy working with Insomniac on Sunset Overdrive and are proud of the game but for now have nothing to say regarding a sequel.

“Insomniac Games is a great partner and we love working with them, we are all proud of Sunset Overdrive and are always looking at ways to bring games to our fans. We have no further news at this time.”

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