Warner Bros Ramping Up Suicide Squad 2 Production Schedule

Dead shot


It seems Warner Bros is stepping up with its production of Suicide Squad 2 to counter Marvel’s Avenger movies and related tie ins. According to inside sources, the studio has shown an urgency of launching a sequel to Suicide Squad.

As reported by Hollywood Insider, release of Suicide Squad 2 will help Warner Bros free itself from lots of other work and focus on other projects. Currently however the movie is without a director and would be a huge challenge for Warner Bros to release it early. The question is whether this is a right strategy or not?

Warner Bros often has disappointed fans. Their trailers and hype before the movie release raise expectations among fans. And when the fans finally get a taste of the film, they seem disappointed. The story over the last few years was quite similar for Warner Bros until the release of Wonder Women. Wonder Women followed quite an opposite trend. The movie with the least expectations turned out to be the studio’s cash cow. Now Warner Bros aims to reprise their lost esteem by producing movies much faster.

In addition to Suicide Squad 2, Warner Bros is also working on several other projects. One of these projects centers around a Joker and Harley Quinn movie. The movie is expected to be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa the directors and executive producers of “This is us” and Crazy Stupid Love” and would display a criminal love story. A solo Joker movie is also said to be in the works while the studio releases its much anticipated Justice League movie this year.

While movies featuring DC superheroes so far have been a bit of a hit or a miss , the upcoming release of Justice league and Suicide Squad 2 could potentially turn things around for DC. However only time will tell if DC’s new strategy pays dividends.