Study Suggests That Gaming Can End Up Costing You a Fortune



To many of us, console gaming may seem like a relatively cheap hobby, considering most consoles only cost around $300 ($400, if you want to buy a premium model like the PS4 Pro). PC gaming has always seemed more financially demanding than console gaming but, according to a recent study, both console and PC gaming could cost gamers a fortune.

According to a study by money-saving website, around three-quarters of British gamers have lost their temper while playing games at some point, and have even ended up breaking their console, PC, TV, peripherals or other possessions like furniture.

A poll was conducted, which revealed that gamers that regularly lose their temper while playing (on average) break things worth £145 per year. The study also discovered that one in four gamers have broken something out of frustration, in some cases leaving themselves without console, controller or TV to play on.

Around 2,433 British adult gamers were asked about their gaming habits, and whether playing games affected their mood. The first question was ‘Have you ever lost your temper when playing video games?’. Almost 3 quarters of respondents (74%) said yes.

When asked why they usually got angry while playing, the top responses were:

  • My teammates not playing how I need them to (31%)
  • online players targeting me, not letting me do what I need to do (29%)
  • My own mistakes within the game (20%)

When asked what they did when they lost their temper, the top replies were to scream shout, get into arguments with other players online and break something in rage.

The respondents were then asked what they had broken while raging at a game, and the top responses were:

  • Controller/Keyboard (41%)
  • Headset (38%)
  • TV/Monitor (32%)
  • The game disc (14%)
  • A chair (9%)

Finally, players were asked how they usually reacted post-angry outburst, with the majority saying they turned off the game and returning to it after they calmed down, took a short break from gaming or decided to just play a different game.

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