Stranger Things: Why Has It Been So Successful?

Stranger Things


We take a look at why Stranger Thing has been so successful since it’s release on Netflix a couple of years ago.

Stranger Things second season has set new standards for horror TV shows around the world. The season’s emergence to the TV screen triggered a monumental response by fans on social media. Within the first three days of the release, Stranger Things solicited 3.7 million tweets becoming the most tweeted show on Twitter.

If you thought that social media responses weren’t enough, look at the shows overall performance. Neilsen a marketing research firm who had decided to measure Netflix’s viewership, astounded us when it revealed that the show amassed 15.8 million views in the US followed by 11 million views in its demo viewing on TV.

According to the research firm around 360,000 viewers watched all nine episodes on the first day. Some of the means through which Nielson measured viewership includes segmentation reporting, frequency, and reach. These measures are related to gauge TV viewership which means that the numbers aren’t inclusive of viewership through mobile devices.

We believe that true horror shows, or movies are something that we haven’t been exposed to much in the past. While we have seen numerous movies that fall in the horror movie category, they either are too violent or have weak storylines. The sole reason for their success are the trailers that set high standards only to disappoint fans when they go to see the film. The standards set thus in our opinion are quite poor.

Stranger Things managed to intelligently take advantage of this gap in the market. The show has a deep and meaningful storyline which connects as the season progresses. Mix this with creepy horror cues and you get something that fans had always been wanting.

Hence Stranger Things deserves all the plaudits coming its way.