Story Details For Insomniac’s Spiderman For PS4 Revealed

Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac games have been very hush hush about their Upcoming Spider-man game that will be released on the PS4; however it seems that the games story might have actually been released on IMDB

However the details were shortly taken down after a while, as you can see from the image posted below in the game Spidey is a married man and has a daughter as well, and he will be facing his arch nemesis The Green Goblin in the game. (Kind of expected don’t you think? Apart from the whole married part? Is MJ the wife though?). Furthermore the hero also has to deal with everyday life which has been a recurring theme in all Spidey related media, whether it be comic books, animated series or movies for that matter.

However it is important to remember that there is no confirmation as of yet from Insomniac games and until and unless they confirm this news should be taken for what it is an actual rumor and nothing more.

Spider-man has gone through many different incarnation s , and has like most Marvel comic book characters been subjected to really lack luster video games , however that all can change with the release of this game , and with Insomniac at the helm we can be sure to have a game that has a brilliant narrative with amazing game play to match.

So do you think the game will be a hit or a miss? Let us know how you feel about Spidey’s debut on the PS4 by commenting in the comments section below.