State Of Decay 2 Release Date Of Early 2018 Possibly Leaked By Online Retailer

State Of Decay 2 release date leaked


Its been a while since we heard anything from Microsoft about State Of Decay 2, but earlier today some interesting news may have inadvertently made its way to the internet.

Game retailers often  leak the release dates of games by mistake. Usually these so called leaks are usually placeholders. Say more of a prospective date. Two main indicators for determining the said placeholder is if the game is stated to release over the weekend, or if its listed at the end or beginning of the year e.g 31st December 2017, or 1st January 2018.

Now that we have defined a crude litmus test for a placeholder lets move on to the actual news. According to Generacion Xbox online retailer Game listed State Of Decay 2 today , along with the release date of 17th January 2018 for the Xbox One . The listing  has since been taken down . However there is a screenshot available of the said listing which you can see down below.







It is important to remember though that at this time this is just a rumor and that there has been no announcement from Microsoft and Undead Labs as of yet about the games release date. Hence there is a possibility that the date might be a placeholder, yet the listings swift removal also suggests that the date was indeed leaked by mistake.

Whatever the case might be we already know that State Of Decay 2 is slated for release in the first or second quarter of 2018 .The game is perhaps more like the video game version of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead. The sequel will aim to improve on the open world mechanics of the first game, and will also feature more elaborate skill trees and settlements as well.

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