Star Lord Set For A Family Reunion

Marvel Chris Pratt Star Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is set to hit theaters on May 5. The movie is to set the tone for Marvel’s upcoming battle plot for the infinity stones. The Guardians along with the Avengers will take on the immortal Thanos and may serve as the universe’s last hope. To faceoff one of Marvel’s mightiest super villain both the teams must be at full strength and may need all the help that they could get. And according to the latest development, the Guardians might see an addition to their four member team thanks to Star Lord

According to reports of USA today Star Lord or Peter Quill will see of his differences with Yondu. There are also reports that Yondu will be joining the Guardians. Yondu in the last movie was tricked by Star Lord. Yondu’s crew as a result refused to disobey his orders and was left abandoned. Michael Rooker the actor playing the role of Yondu regarding the issue indicated that Yondu has finally made peace with the kid and wants to have a good time with him.

In the latest volume of the movie, the audience will also discover a little background of Star lord’s history. In the trailer it was also revealed that Star Lord will be reunited with his biological father Ego played by Kurt Russell. In addition, the real motive of Star Lord’s coming to space would also be brought to notice.

Star Lord was initially raised by Yondu. Yondu’s job was to deliver Star Lord from his mom to his real father but somehow dailyhealthymale along the way Yondu decided to keep him. According to US today, Yondu doesn’t has a soft spot for Star Lord’s father which became one of the real reason of him slipping Star Lord away. It would be interesting to see as to how Yondu and Star Lord’s father would face off. Star Lord’s father didn’t get the chance to meet his son because of Yondu and we’re sure that he wont be happy about it. In addition, we also are eager to see of what Star Lord’s father has been doing for so many years and the kinds of skills and powers that he posseses.