Star Wars: The Last Jedi To Have A Deeper Storyline

Star Wars The Last Jedi


Star Wars is scheduled to launch yet another sequel in theaters and is expected to offer a much intense and deeper storylines as compared to its predecessor. Gwendoline Christie, who played Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has revealed some insights as to what the latest film might offer.

Gwendoline Christie in an interview to Entertainment Weekly said:

What I can tell you about the next Star Wars film is I think Rian does an exceptional job of going deeper, of going further, and really exploring what these relationships are.

Christie as mentioned above has appeared in the previous Star War films. But her role as Captain Phasma was not taken well by the audience. Christie who wants to redeem herself had nothing but praises for the “The last Jedi’s”  director, Rian Johnson.

Christie commented that, “I was just so delighted to be in The Last Jedi, and for that to be directed by Rian Johnson, who is another director I’ve long admired since I watched Brick, actually; I thought that was a really brilliant piece of work,” she further added that, “When I met him, these are huge things to me and things I never thought would happen in my career, so when Rian invited me to read the script, have my thoughts and then to come and discuss it with him — as he did all of the cast members — I was really thrilled to have an opportunity of a forum where I could put my ideas forward and have some back and forth about where we felt things were and where we felt they can go. “

Star Wars latest film is set to hit the theaters in December this year. Let’s hope that the franchise is able live up to its reputation and offers all that Christie points out. 

Till then, you can watch the trailers below:



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