Star Wars Battlefront II Sales Bite The Dust In Japan, Selling 70 Perent Lesser Than Its Predeccessor

Star Wars


The controversially attuned Star Wars Battlefront II has once again produced disappointing results, but this time its EA that got on the wrong end of the stick. Star Wars Battlefront II is going through a PR nightmare currently and publisher EA has been in damage control mode since the last few weeks.

The highly anticipated Star Wars game sold according to sale records 70% less than according to Physical Sales Date by Media Create, selling only 38,769 copies between November 13 and 19 on PlayStation 4 this also includes the more heftier Deluxe Digital Edition which also performed way below expectations in Japan.

Now if were to compare sales record the first installment in the rebooted franchise, Star Wars Battlefront sold 123,467 during its initial release week. Battlefront II was supposed to be the saving grace of the franchise improving on its predecessor. However as we all now know that isn’t the case. The microtransaction controversy has affected sales and its a controversy which refuses to die down.

The sales follow suit with other countries as well selling 130,000 copies at retail though this does make the sales in japan pale but its predecessor performed 60% better in terms of retail sales.

EA are getting consecutive blows because of their actions lately. With law makers of various countries now looking at these predatory practices and what affect they might have on the children.

Even after the current dilemma EA is assuring investors the Star Wars Battlefront II will still reach its earning’s goal by the fiscal year. That however can only happen if things turn around drastically for EA.

Star Wars Battlefront II was the straw that finally broke the camels back. Fans have finally stood up to the publishers , and the chain reaction that ensued serves as a warning for publishers to be careful when implementing exploitative microtransactions in their games.