Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is A Step In The Right Direction


The official full reveal trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is finally here and was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration Event. A part of the reveal trailer got leaked a bit early and that sent fans of the game and the movies into anticipation for the full trailer.

As expected, the sequel to the much-criticised Battlefront will have a story mode that will please a lot of fans of the series. EA have made it seem that they are focusing a lot on the story aspect of Battlefront 2 and the trailer has definitely made it promising.

The story seems to put the players in the place of Imperial Soldiers that remained loyal after the Death Star was destroyed. We witness these soldiers looking at the destruction of the Death Star as they are on Endor carrying out an Imperial mission. It is said that the story revolves around these soldiers trying to avenge the Emperor and Janina Gavankar’s character is rumored to be the main protagonist in this campaign.

The soldiers have to hunt down the Rebels and the people who were responsible for the destruction of the Death Star. The trailer does include a rather dramatic shot of the soldiers confronting Luke Skywalker, so a battle with the famous Jedi might be in store too.

The campaign clearly takes place in the era of the original trilogy but it is confirmed that the game will cover all three eras of the canon in either the single-player campaign or the multiplayer. There are heroes shown from all the eras such as Darth Maul, Yoda, Rey and Kylo Ren so the famous Heroes vs Villains mode will most probably return in the sequel.

It is not confirmed at the current time what multiplayer modes will be available at launch but a wide range of diverse modes are expected as Battlefront lacked multiplayer modes at launch. Hopefully, space battles will be a part of the game at launch along with a couple of other fun modes.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to launch worldwide on 17th November 2017 and a pre-order will secure players exclusive game content related to the The Last Jedi movie that is coming out later this year too. Stay tuned for more on Battlefront 2!