Apparently Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Pay-To-Win Model Gives “Sense Of Pride And Accomplishment”

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Battlefront II NPD loot boxes controversy


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and it’s ludicrous implementation of lootboxes caused quite the outrage among the community even after EA took steps to change their progression system. There continues to be a ton of criticism regarding the revised progression system, and it seems that people are more upset than before!

The post-release content that was supposed to be free for everyone is behind an extremely length grind (Such as the heroes) or otherwise – actual currency. The heroes will be unlocked via in-game currency which you can either earn through investing an enormously large chunk of time (estimated 40 hours for Darth Vader) or simply paying for it. The system is clearly focused towards promoting microtransactions and the prices will be a lot higher just so people are tempted to spend money to avoid grinding.

This announcement was made through a reddit post which confirmed that all of the post-release content will not indeed be free and will be locked behind a hideous pay-wall, people who decide to spend more money will ultimately have the advantage over those who don’t. This includes new heroes, vehicles, weapons and many other things.

To the massive criticism, the developer said that the “intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes” while playing the game.This reply was obviously not well-received by the community who argued that there’s a difference between locking cosmetic items and actual in-game content behind a pay wall.

The said comment went on to become the most downvoted in the history of reddit. Seems like the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 community has had enough of EA and their attempts to disguise a play to win model as beneficial for the gaming community.

The developer also stated that they would be closely watching analytics about time invested in the game by players and make changes accordingly to keep the game fair. They are “looking at average per-player credit earn rates on a daily basis”, we can only wait and see.

As of now, there has been a massive outcry about the microtransaction problem in Battlefront 2 that is going to cause a lot of damage to the devs and the publisher (Electronic Arts) unless they implement effective progression techniques in to the game.

Stay tuned for more!