Paris Games Week New Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Sees Two Spidey’s Peter Parker And Miles Morales

ps4 spiderman


Insomniac and Sony released a new trailer for their Spider-Man PS4 at the Sony conference that is underway right now at Paris Games Week and we got to see a whole lot of new stuff in it!

Peter Parker and Miles Morales both were shown in the trailer and we saw Spiderman protect his own city from harm. The trailer built up on what was shown at E3 at we saw a bit more character development for the main baddie in the game too. The gameplay (especially the combat) looked a lot like what would be found in the Batman games from the Arkham series because of the use of environment to take down enemies.

The inclusion of Miles Morales as another Spiderman in the game was interesting when it was first revealed at E3 and it seems now that he might play a much bigger role in the story than expected.

Here is the brand new trailer which has further intensified the hype that was related with this project. Have a look at it for yourself in the link down below.

Spiderman was first shown a E3 2016 and we now have a confirmed release date for 2018. The Vice President of Games at Marvel was very excited for the project as he said that it is the start for new things to come.

“Is Spider-Man a signal of things to come? Oh, yes. Absolutely,” Ong said, “And we can’t wait to tell the world about it.”

So far Paris Games week has seen a ton of amazing announcements. These include the latest trailer for God Of War, the new Sucker Punch IP, and a Last Of Us Part II trailer which more or less looks like a horror movie.

What do you make of Spider-Man PS4 and it’s brand new trailer that has been revealed at the Paris Games Week.