Spider-Man Homecoming May Surpass Its Other Spiderman Counterparts




Wolfhall analyzes how and why did Spider-Man Homecoming become such a huge draw at the box office

Spider-Man Homecoming is doing quite well when it comes to making the green bucks in the box office. The latest Spider-Man has managed to surpass both the Amazing Spider Man movies with a whopping $264.9 million in the US box office. Amazing Spider Man one was able to capture $262 million while its sequel grossed $202.9 million. Given that this is the 6th Spider-Man movie to come out in around 15 years it is got to be a fantastic achievement for Homecoming to perform admirably.

We believe the marketing efforts undertaken by Marvel proved to be a major part when it came to Spider Man: Homecoming’s success. Tom Holland playing the role of Peter Parker first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Spider Man despite being young took it to Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Moreover, the characters battle scenes merged with humor was quite an assorted combination. Tom Holland’s appearance in Civil War naturally set the tone for the movies success as fans of Avengers would now definitely watch the Spider-Man movie.

So why exactly is Spider-Man Homecoming such a massive success? Well for one it does not bother to tell the same old clichéd origin story that were part and parcel of previous Spider-Man installments. Furthermore it is a new angtsy and humorous take on a younger Peter Parker and that’s what makes it a fun and yet serious movie at the same time.

Spider-Man  Homecoming is still behind the first three original Spiderman movies made by Sam Raimi. The three films grossed $403.7 million, $373.6 million and $336.5 million respectively. Although I believe that Raimi’s trilogy were better than other Spider-Man movies , Homecoming might just surpass them due to the Avengers factor, and due to the fact that its brilliantly directed and written.

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