Spider-man: Homecoming TV Spot Features NBA Legends



One movie that has made fans all excited is Spider-man: Homecoming. While seeing Spider man on the big screen isn’t anything new for the fans, this latest installment is offering something unique. Spider Man was always seen by the audience as a stand alone super hero but this time he joins the big boys i.e Avengers.

Spider Man’s first appearance came in Marvel’s Civil War. In Civil War, Captain America and Iron Man go at each other. Both create their own faction of super heroes aimed to outwit the other. Spider Man in the Captain America sequel gives quite a fight to Captain America and the others. For a kid that is new to the game a combination of wits, humor and sheer strength left fans in awe.

Now Spider Man is finally getting his own solo movie. This movie will not only allow to explore the character in detail like the preceding Spider Man movies but will also give us some Easter eggs and set the tone for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

Spider Man in this latest installment will just be 15 years old. At such a young age he is been blessed with so many powers. Moreover, he also meets famous several famous personalities. Well we are not only talking about Tony Stark here. There are a number of other famous people that he would meet as well.

There have been around four TV spots for Spider-man: Homecoming. In the latest TV spot that aired we saw Spider Man meeting several NBA legends. During Tony Stark’s viewing party for the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers game we see Spider Man meet Magic Johnson. As the ad goes forward much to Spider Man’s surprise we see him sitting next to Tim Duncan on San Antonio Spurs.

It seems Marvel is spending a lot when it comes to its movies and through the appearances of these famous players it aims to target a wider audience base.