Spider Man Homecoming Expected To Make Over $100 Million In First Week Of Domestic Box Office



Spider Man homecoming is scheduled to be released on June 28, 2017. According to the projections by Deadline the movie is likely to bag in some $90 million to $108 million in its opening week in the domestic box office. Although this will be the fifth Spider Man movie it’s the first one under the Marvel Cinematic universe. We will see a much younger Spider Man played by Tom Holland and would look at how he finds his way to the Avengers.

Marvel has been able to market its upcoming movie quite well. We have seen a series of pre-movie trailers and also seen the emergence of Spider-Man in Captain America’s Civil War. What may have surprised many fans was the Spider Man’s mix of resilience and humor as shown in the movie. The mere boy managed to go toe to toe with people more than double his size and experience.

Spider Man may face some tough competition from DCEU’s Wonder Women. Wonder Women has been quite an anomaly for DC. The movie has been able to do well with the critics and bag a whopping $103.2 million in its first week of the domestic box office. Wonder Woman internationally managed to won a further $200 million. The movie however is expected to far better than some of the other block busters such as Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean and Alien Covenant.

Spider Man’s first Movie directed by Sam Raimi was able to cash in $114.8 million. While the sales of the second movie declined, the third movie was able to up its game to $151.1 million. While the same level of revenues isn’t expected from the latest Spider Man movie one thing that must be kept in mind is that the times then were different. There were very few super hero movies to compete with them and making the money was not as difficult as it is now.