Southpark: The Fractured But Whole’s Difficulty Is Based On Character’s Skin Color



South Park is known for it’s uniqueness when it comes to satire and it seems that it has followed that exact same route with Ubisoft’s The Fractured But Whole. In the game, it was recently revealed that the difficulty level of the game will be decided by the race of the character that the player chooses to make.

Eurogamer reported that the lighter the skin color, the easier the game would be for you while darker skin tones would get a more difficult experience. The character customization process includes Eric Cartman saying: “Don’t worry, [skin color] doesn’t affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life.” Ubisoft also told Eurogamer that difficulty is the measure of how much money your character earns in game and how character in-game will treat you.

This is a dig at how people of different colors get treated differently in society and some would say that it is a really humorous move from Ubisoft. Although it isn’t completely true that “white” people are immune to many of life’s problems, it is true that they do not experience any racial barriers in society when compared to people of other colors. Southpark: The Fracture But Whole is trying to accurately recreate the factors that affect people of different color as how other people treat you or what type of jobs you get.

The sequel to The Stick of Truth will also allow players to have different genders and also the option of being cisgender or transgender. The Fracture But Whole releases on October 17 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to stay tuned!