South Korean Presidential Candidate Uses Overwatch’s Play Of The Game For Political Propaganda

Overwatch PC

Overwatch, a team-based online multiplayer first-person shooter video game, is no longer just another super-successful game but a big part of a presidential campaign for the South Korea Presidential candidate Sim Sang-Jung.

She is clearly benefitting from the increasing distrust between politicians and the public. Entertainment, as we all know, is the best way to attract the public towards you and when it’s a game like Overwatch which is insanely over in Asian territories then you know that you have a bonafide mouthpiece to reach the millennials and in turn garner support.

Although Sam-Jung faced several corruption scandals in this presidential campaign but she is stuck on the fact to target the youth of today that are highly informed and are appealed by things like a proper skillset with an Overwatch Play Of The Game.

The video features Sam-Jung  which mentions something about taking down her opposition and gaining 100 fire points in the process.( Talk about being ruthless).

In South Korea, pro gaming is HUGE and if you think UK and USA are receiving big numbers in response to games like Overwatch then you’ve witnessed zilch.

Gaming is super popular in South Korea as well as pro gaming and the government even takes notice by laws forbidding people upon sitting for too long in internet cafes. This presidential campaign isn’t the only one that has incorporated a game in order to promote or gain votes but another candidate was Moon Jae-in who, right now, is using StarCraft maps in order to gain votes.

I don’t know about you but I feel like moving to South Korea! I mean, I can’t imagine Putin, Trudeau or Trump or for that matter any other candidate for office ever pulling such a stunt. You can watch the said video down below( that is if you can understand what is being said)