Sony’s First Party Lineup Is More Impressive Than Anybody Else Says Michael Pachter

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When it comes to First party titles no one does it better than Sony , and Wedbush Security Analyst Michael Pachter seems to think their first party Lineup is  probable the most impressive than anybody out there.

In the latest episode of Pachter Factor he went on to say that Sony has the best lineup of first party games that we know about . He also went on to say that Sony has been teasing the gaming community for 2 years and in the aggregate Sony’s lineup will be impressive.

Usually opinions divided on Michael Pachter’s statements , however I feel this is something we can all actually agree upon. For One Horizon Zero Dawn is out on 28th February , and in many peoples opinion it may well be a contender for the game of the year. Hence Sony is churning out game of the year contenders year after year exclusively on its platforms. And they still have the Last Of US 2 and Days Gone in the wings as well,

However he was also of the opinion that in the aggregate Microsoft’s lineup will be impressive as well(really?) and Nintendo may have a good year as well if the likes of Mario Kart, Zelda , Fire Emblem and Splatoon 2 are released on time.

Pachter also went on to say that it is a great time to be a gamer as hardware is really affordable , and there is a ton of software to choose from. He also encouraged PS4 owners to buy the Xbox One if its price drops down to $249 after Scorpio’s launch so they can experience great games such as Halo , Halo Wars 2 and Gears Of War too name a few. Subsequently he also encouraged Xbox fans to go for a Ps4 if its price drops down to $249 or $199 and experience games such as The Last of Us Remastered and The Uncharted Series.

The console wars sometimes does get in between gamers just simply enjoying games and having a good time, and hence I agree with Pachter that console wars are a bit pointless and we should all be glad we live in an era where amazing games are released almost each and every month.

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  • Danny MacGurk

    I hope some one puts a bullet in Michael Pachters head

    • Hvd

      he has gone full loon….lol

      • DarthDiggler


        Oh someone disagrees with me so they must be insane.

        Give it a rest, go find a snowflake safe space to cry in and put your diapers.

    • DarthDiggler


      Seriously is this the day and age we are living in that if you don’t agree with someone you need to threaten harm on them?

      Maybe you should grow the fuck up and learn to live and let live asshole.

  • Hvd

    he has went full retard.can you peopple stop asking him anythinng.he is starting to show hoow loony he is….lol

    • DarthDiggler


      LOL you are going full retard. Sony has always been known for it’s first party lineup. Sony has been planting seeds this entire generation and those seeds are starting to bear fruit. It doesn’t take an analyst to see and understand this. Of course if you are not a fan of Sony you may react by calling him looney.

      The funny thing is he praised MS and Nintendo as well, suggesting that gamers should own all the systems they could afford. Yet you cherry pick the one thing he says that causes you butt-hurt and focus on it.

      You can shoot the messenger but that doesn’t make the message false.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Takes ur Meds and Ull be fine.

  • Edonus

    However he was also of the opinion that in the aggregate Microsoft’s lineup will be impressive as well(really?)
    Stop being jerks. You do know what aggregate means? It means all together. If you buy a X1 for the first time 3 years of great games become available to you (just like if you bought a Ps4 or Wii U). People love to act like there is a shortage of games to be played and that’s on any system. This could have been an argument when the consoles launched but 3 years in it is a misleading and weak argument.

    • DarthDiggler


      Given this one comment I think Pachter has a better command of the English language than you. Is English your 2nd language?

      • Edonus

        I see c^%ksucker is your first language….. and like most c^%ksuckers you have moved your lips but said no words. Your comment has noting to do with the conversation.
        Didnt I tell you stop talking to me?

  • Mohammed Allha

    Dah we all know that Sony first party games are the best this gen

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