Sony’s Dark Tower Bombs Terribly At The Box Office



The Wolfhall takes a look at the box office performances of last week which saw Dark Tower turn in a lacklustre performance.

Stephen King’s Dark Tower finally got its movie adaptation but failed to shake the box office as such. The movie despite topping the charts last week managed to secure a modest $19.5 million out of 3451 locations. Moreover, last week was one of the softest weekends in terms of revenue since the start of April. The movie got the highest revenue from Russia of $4.1 million out of $8 million from the 19 different markets.

The less than $20 million opening is quite disappointing for a film that has spent years in production. In addition the film has also been slammed by the critics getting only an 18% on Rotten Tomatoes and getting a score of only 35 on Metacritic. Despite the meager opening week chairman of Sony Motion Picture Group Tom Rotham was rather optimistic.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter Rotham regarding the issue said that “It’s just an introduction to the world; it’s not the whole world or all the books,” He added that “The credit goes to MRC, [screenwriter] Akiva [Goldsman] and Nikolaj Arcel — I think they were the ones that cracked it creatively and realized that the way to do it is not to try to eat the entire feast all at once, but to maybe just start with the first course.”

Dunkirk came in second at the box office this week amassing $17.6 million falling only 34% from its initial release. Till now Dunkirk has managed to solicit $135 million domestically and $25 million from foreign markets. The Emoji movie has clocked in at number three with $12.35 million and is just ahead of Kidnap which attained $10.2 million.

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